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SC Johnson

Fit-out / offices
Havana Cigar Bar, Star Casino


Fit-out / retail
Commercial Office Building in Sydney, Australia (Photoy by Robert Walsh)

Berkley RE Australia

Fit-out / offices


Fit-out / offices
Commercial Office Building in Sydney, Australia (Photoy by Robert Walsh)


Fit-out / offices
Commercial Office Building in Sydney, Australia (Photoy by Robert Walsh)

Shaw and Partners

Fit-out / offices
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We help you define and implement the workplace changes required for the modern technology driven office.

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Our creative office designs embrace the modern world. No office fit-out is the same, so we tailor our designs to perfectly fit your business and office culture.

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This is the fun part, stand back and let us manage the complete on-site building process which usually includes building owners, building managers, certifiers and of course yourselves.

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Design and building made simple

you will find our design and build process 40% faster than traditional methods. Why not call us?

Keep your office in-touch with today's technology

In the fast paced business world we have today, its easy to fall behind. Technology is now a serious tool for any successful business, so incorporating this into your office design is crucial to maximising performance.

Workplace optimisation

we start with a workplace study, calculating your current processes and evaluating the effectiveness verses modern design principles.

Activity Based working ABW

We would be very surprised if your workplace is functioning to it full potential. Activity Based Working known as ABW, does not mean turning your office into a gymnasium, it's an office environment tailored to today's technology. In fact ABW is greatly reducing traditional fit-out costs whilst increasing staff moral and productivity.

Retain your staff, create a great place to work

We have helped many companies achieve greater efficiencies with their business, through our existing workplace studies and inspiring office designs.

People matter

Business is all about people. Yes we have entered a new age of the computer, but it still requires good old fashioned human beings to manage them. New advances in the business world means constant changes to the environment.